Dealers: 5 Benefits of Installing AutoiPacket


When AutoiPacket was founded in 2012, the mission was to take auto sales fundamentals of value selling and bring them into the modern digital age. We’re all proud of how far we’ve come and the incredible product we’re putting out there. Our team of founders plus savvy staff that have joined along the way have truly walked the walk of teamwork in order to make a difference for our customers.

Our success is owed to two factors: a team of experts and a product that delivers. The beauty of our digital packet is that it has a reciprocal effect: What benefits dealers benefits potential buyers and vice versa. For dealers who are considering AutoiPacket or are just finding out about us, read on to see the difference AiP can make.

5 Benefits of Installing AutoiPacket

Value. AutoiPacket is the only provider of digital packets that include a crucial suite of information. Our packets include manufacture MSRP, repair orders, warranty, price changes, and more. Having this information easily transferred from salesperson to customer makes the sales process more efficient and successful. Digital packets allow dealers to access to vehicle brochures across multiple brands dating back through model year 2012. The overall value of packets is transferred from dealer to buyer.

Transparency. Today’s consumers don’t want to dig long and hard to find information, nor do they want to depend on word of mouth or waiting periods to receive updates. With digital packets, potential buyers have all the essentials on a given vehicle at their fingertips. Gone are the days when a customer needs to jot down vehicle info or repeatedly call a salesperson to ask questions. It’s all in the packet, accessible 24/7.

Engagement. Once a packet has been sent, the salesperson is able to track views via AutoiPacket’s built-in tracking capability. This is a great sales support tool because it provides insight into engagement. When your sales team members know how many times packets are viewed, they can make informed decisions along the way regarding the potential buyer’s readiness to move forward. AutoiPacket’s social sharing feature for various social media platforms—a simple one-click option—is another powerful way for sales teams to increase engagement.

Efficiency. That old maxim comes to mind: Time is money. With documents readily available to send to clients, there’s no need to spend hours compiling/scanning information and documentation from different sources. Also, some documents are available exclusively through AutoiPacket. When your sales team can quickly bring up service history, options for particular models, or price changes, for instance, it removes the necessity of contacting various departments to retrieve that information—saving time. Digital packets also allow quick review of inventory.

Professionalism. When you use AutoiPacket, it shows a commitment to customer satisfaction via an innovative method of providing value. Despite the prevalence of digital communication throughout every aspect of life from personal to professional, many dealerships are still behind the times, scanning documents for email or handing paper documents to customers. This leads loss both in terms of time and the documents themselves. By offering customers a user-friendly product that streamlines the auto shopping experience, you raise the bar for what customers can expect from dealerships, making your dealership stand out from the rest.

What Influences Today’s Auto Buyer?


Is your sales approach founded on giving customers the best price? If you think that should go without asking, odds are your dealership is behind the times. A contemporary sales approach is customer-centric, not sales-centric. If you stick with that guideline, sales will come as a natural progression. 

The Changing Role of Customer Satisfaction in Auto Sales

Are you thinking Customer satisfaction has always been our focus, so what’s new now? A lot.  The old focus on the customer was about coming through on a particular price or price range. That was the standard for decades. Auto buying was (and still is for some dealers) largely an exchange involving the shifting of commas and zeros until both parties agreed. 

The paradigm has shifted due to—you guessed it—the internet. This might come as a shock, but in some respects your customers know more than your salespeople.  Given this dramatic revelation, it’s simply no longer a best practice to rely on price as the motivating force.

With the technology available to both buyers and dealers, the changing face of sales is a given. We know customers are investing more time in pre-purchase research. The question is which dealers are holding up their end of the new deal. 

What Does Today’s Auto Buyer Want?

AutoiPacket is more than a tech company serving the auto industry. We’re a team of auto-industry insiders and tech pros keeping the pulse of our combined sectors. We pair sales expertise with insights from our packets to produce a data set that allows us to discover not only what’s influencing today’s auto buyer but also what’s causing pain points for dealers.

Marketing research supports the case for focusing on quality over price. And what defines quality? Saving time. New research shows 62% of consumers are willing to pay more for a simple experience. The verdict is out: If your sales strategy is focused on price, it’s time to make adjustments. 

Top Factors Influencing Auto Buyers

To come through with the simple experience buyers want, find out what most influences purchase decisions. While auto buyers aren’t completely insensitive to price, they’re more interested in finding vehicles that fit their needs. Largely, those needs take the form of durability, reliability, and resale value. 

Buyers are showing consistent interest in five key areas: 

  1. Vehicle history report
  2. Service RO’s
  3. Mechanical inspections
  4. Original build sheet/MSRP
  5. Warranty information

A customer-centric sales approach will make this information available to all potential customers. Provide it in a user-friendly format. Even better: Make it sharable on social media platforms.

Transparency in Auto Sales Is Here to Stay


By Danielle Costello

In the sales arena, businesses are always looking for new ways to impress customers and win their loyalty. At AutoiPacket, we have a connection to customers through not one but two channels, B2C and B2B. As such, we’re laser focused on customer satisfaction, continually conducting research and motivating our team to come up with new ways to take us into the future.  

If we had to point out one aspect of the auto industry that stands out in today’s market, it would be transparency. We all know by now that the internet has changed the experience of auto buying by creating a generation of highly informed consumers who know what they want. Today’s auto buyers not only won’t settle for less—they know they don’t have to. 

In such a demanding market, dealers face challenges like never before. The good news is, while the market has expanded to allow for the growth of savvy consumers, the dealer's role remains the same. 

Success isn’t about getting ahead of the customer. Rather, being competitive can be as simple as keeping up. Transparency is a surefire way to do that.

3 Keys Areas of Focus for Transparent Auto Sales

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.55.09 AM.png
  1. Price. Forget what you’ve heard about the word “assume.” In today’s auto market, it’s essential to assume customers have armed themselves with info before stepping foot onto the lot. By offering your best possible price from the start, on your website and at the dealership, you have an advantage over dealers who choose to continue on the old path of sales through negotiation. As noted in a previous post, no-hassle sales is the future. Further, ensure your sales staff is prepared for thorough discussions of price beyond the sticker.
  2. Web Presence. This is another valuable opportunity to keep pace with your potential buyers.  Your website is often a customer’s first experience with your business, so make it count. Maintain a user-friendly website, updating as needed to offer the latest and most useful tools.  Provide customers with easy access to online shopping. And if you don’t know it already: online F&I is imperative. According to this article on the Automotive Assurance Group website, “One study found that consumers purchased more F&I products from the comfort of their living room than after multiple hours in the dealership.” The goal is to provide consumers with transparency in both the virtual realm and in person. 
  3. Vehicle Details. Between web research, buyer’s guides, and packets, there’s no shortage of information out there. Buyer’s guides aside, dealers have a great deal of control over quantity and quality of information. What’s the best approach for presenting a vehicle to potential customers? According to this article, providing disclosure is crucial. If you don’t provide details, consumers will find it elsewhere. When information is presented clearly and in full, it builds trust with the dealer and increases the likelihood of keeping the attention of today’s fickle consumers. This is where digital packets, like the ones we’ve pioneered here at AutoiPacket, knock it out of the park. Easy-to-access, easily shared packets allow customers the details they want plus the convenient shopping experience they’ve come to take for granted in most areas of commerce.

No-hassle Sales is Auto Industry’s Future

Buying a vehicle is one of the biggest financial decisions in life. From personal taste to financial matters, each buyer has a unique list of factors to consider along the way.  

Regardless of different needs for style, utility, price, etc., all buyers have one thing in common: they want the experience of buying a vehicle to be as simple as possible. And the auto industry has responded. Transparency measures have revolutionized the process of buying vehicles.