Transparency in Auto Sales Is Here to Stay


By Danielle Costello

In the sales arena, businesses are always looking for new ways to impress customers and win their loyalty. At AutoiPacket, we have a connection to customers through not one but two channels, B2C and B2B. As such, we’re laser focused on customer satisfaction, continually conducting research and motivating our team to come up with new ways to take us into the future.  

If we had to point out one aspect of the auto industry that stands out in today’s market, it would be transparency. We all know by now that the internet has changed the experience of auto buying by creating a generation of highly informed consumers who know what they want. Today’s auto buyers not only won’t settle for less—they know they don’t have to. 

In such a demanding market, dealers face challenges like never before. The good news is, while the market has expanded to allow for the growth of savvy consumers, the dealer's role remains the same. 

Success isn’t about getting ahead of the customer. Rather, being competitive can be as simple as keeping up. Transparency is a surefire way to do that.

3 Keys Areas of Focus for Transparent Auto Sales

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  1. Price. Forget what you’ve heard about the word “assume.” In today’s auto market, it’s essential to assume customers have armed themselves with info before stepping foot onto the lot. By offering your best possible price from the start, on your website and at the dealership, you have an advantage over dealers who choose to continue on the old path of sales through negotiation. As noted in a previous post, no-hassle sales is the future. Further, ensure your sales staff is prepared for thorough discussions of price beyond the sticker.
  2. Web Presence. This is another valuable opportunity to keep pace with your potential buyers.  Your website is often a customer’s first experience with your business, so make it count. Maintain a user-friendly website, updating as needed to offer the latest and most useful tools.  Provide customers with easy access to online shopping. And if you don’t know it already: online F&I is imperative. According to this article on the Automotive Assurance Group website, “One study found that consumers purchased more F&I products from the comfort of their living room than after multiple hours in the dealership.” The goal is to provide consumers with transparency in both the virtual realm and in person. 
  3. Vehicle Details. Between web research, buyer’s guides, and packets, there’s no shortage of information out there. Buyer’s guides aside, dealers have a great deal of control over quantity and quality of information. What’s the best approach for presenting a vehicle to potential customers? According to this article, providing disclosure is crucial. If you don’t provide details, consumers will find it elsewhere. When information is presented clearly and in full, it builds trust with the dealer and increases the likelihood of keeping the attention of today’s fickle consumers. This is where digital packets, like the ones we’ve pioneered here at AutoiPacket, knock it out of the park. Easy-to-access, easily shared packets allow customers the details they want plus the convenient shopping experience they’ve come to take for granted in most areas of commerce.