Dealers: 5 Benefits of Installing AutoiPacket


When AutoiPacket was founded in 2012, the mission was to take auto sales fundamentals of value selling and bring them into the modern digital age. We’re all proud of how far we’ve come and the incredible product we’re putting out there. Our team of founders plus savvy staff that have joined along the way have truly walked the walk of teamwork in order to make a difference for our customers.

Our success is owed to two factors: a team of experts and a product that delivers. The beauty of our digital packet is that it has a reciprocal effect: What benefits dealers benefits potential buyers and vice versa. For dealers who are considering AutoiPacket or are just finding out about us, read on to see the difference AiP can make.

5 Benefits of Installing AutoiPacket

Value. AutoiPacket is the only provider of digital packets that include a crucial suite of information. Our packets include manufacture MSRP, repair orders, warranty, price changes, and more. Having this information easily transferred from salesperson to customer makes the sales process more efficient and successful. Digital packets allow dealers to access to vehicle brochures across multiple brands dating back through model year 2012. The overall value of packets is transferred from dealer to buyer.

Transparency. Today’s consumers don’t want to dig long and hard to find information, nor do they want to depend on word of mouth or waiting periods to receive updates. With digital packets, potential buyers have all the essentials on a given vehicle at their fingertips. Gone are the days when a customer needs to jot down vehicle info or repeatedly call a salesperson to ask questions. It’s all in the packet, accessible 24/7.

Engagement. Once a packet has been sent, the salesperson is able to track views via AutoiPacket’s built-in tracking capability. This is a great sales support tool because it provides insight into engagement. When your sales team members know how many times packets are viewed, they can make informed decisions along the way regarding the potential buyer’s readiness to move forward. AutoiPacket’s social sharing feature for various social media platforms—a simple one-click option—is another powerful way for sales teams to increase engagement.

Efficiency. That old maxim comes to mind: Time is money. With documents readily available to send to clients, there’s no need to spend hours compiling/scanning information and documentation from different sources. Also, some documents are available exclusively through AutoiPacket. When your sales team can quickly bring up service history, options for particular models, or price changes, for instance, it removes the necessity of contacting various departments to retrieve that information—saving time. Digital packets also allow quick review of inventory.

Professionalism. When you use AutoiPacket, it shows a commitment to customer satisfaction via an innovative method of providing value. Despite the prevalence of digital communication throughout every aspect of life from personal to professional, many dealerships are still behind the times, scanning documents for email or handing paper documents to customers. This leads loss both in terms of time and the documents themselves. By offering customers a user-friendly product that streamlines the auto shopping experience, you raise the bar for what customers can expect from dealerships, making your dealership stand out from the rest.