For Auto Dealers, Sales Team is Key to Social Media Success


By Danielle Costello

Appreciate what you have. This phrase gets a lot of traction in life, typically in regard to personal matters. It’s simple but powerful advice, and it can be just as effective when applied to business. 

Digital marketing is here to stay, and social media is a key player in the digital realm. Rather than going the traditional route of targeted advertising on social media, it’s high time auto dealers take some old-fashioned advice. Their most effective sales tool has been there all along. 

Auto Sales Teams Represent Powerful Networks

Around this time last year, 65 million businesses were using Facebook. This doesn’t include those also using LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.  It’s clear social media marketing isn’t just big business—it’s massive. 

As recently as three years ago, the power of social media marketing was largely lost on the auto industry, according to a New York Times article. From then through to today, the industry has begun to catch on

Paid advertising on Facebook, either through boosted posts or ad content created specifically for the platform, is effective, especially with so many options to target the audience. However, there’s another avenue to increase customer engagement, perhaps with greater ROI.  This is where dealers need to appreciate what’s right before them: their sales teams.  

Each member of a dealer’s sales team represents a network of friends, family, and community connections. When that team member is active on social media, it presents a priceless opportunity to boost the dealership’s presence to potential and loyal customers alike. 

Auto Dealers Can Build Relationships on Social Media


The first rule of sales is that sales is about relationships, not products. This being the case, there’s no better place to market than social media—a phenomenon built entirely around creating relationships. 

Dealers need to get past the typical pain points to successful social media marketing, like resistance to change, inexperience with the various platforms, and lack of training. Thorough training and guidelines for social media usage will break down those barriers. 

Savvy sales team members will recognize, if they haven’t already, the benefits of leveraging their personal social media accounts to boost sales. It’s all at their fingertips: With mobile content set to change the face of marketing, a smartphone is a salesperson’s best friend.  

When sales team members share content, it’s not only a direct route to potential buyers, it’s has an authenticity that targeted ads lack. Social sharing is the new word of mouth. 

At AutoiPacket, we’re ahead of the fray. Our packets are designed to be mobile and social media friendly, including tools that make it quick and easy for sales team members to disperse information to customers. Our newest innovation allows social sharing with one click. 

Sell Smart on Social Media

The auto industry is learning to step up its social media game. It’s time to take another step, and to do so by investing in a simple concept: networking. 

With greater access to customers through social media, dealers have a variety of ways to increase engagement. From there they can move toward the ultimate goal of increasing conversions. 

So how do you turn online browsers into real-life buyers? Put the sales team in the driver’s seat.