Fully Automated Automotive Transparency Solution

Designed for sales professionals who aren't tech-savvy, AutoiPacket's patented fully automated solutions provide automotive
dealers with a cloud-based digital documentation portfolio system for their vehicle inventory. Our user-friendly platform enables your sales & BDC staff to access, share, and track client engagement of digital documentation "packets" with potential clients instantly via e-mail, text, or social media.

No printing, No scanning, No uploading Required!
AutoiPacket is fully automated, which means no additional work for our dealer partners!




What is an AutoiPacket?

An AutoiPacket is a digital document portfolio for a vehicle comprised of VIN-specific vehicle history, reconditioning, OEM warranty, and dealer-exclusive documentation that highlights a vehicle’s unique value elements.

AutoiPacket's fully automated solutions build and maintain a cloud-based digital documentation portfolio system for a dealer's entire vehicle inventory.

No printing, No scanning, No uploading required - AutoiPacket is fully automated, which means no additional work for our dealer partners!

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Digital Vehicle Presentations “Packets”

Provide every customer a professional, digital documentation portfolio on your vehicle inventory. Constructed by our patented software, packets are crafted with key value elements including vehicle history reports, reconditioning repair orders, MSRP, & more.


OEM Window Stickers / Build Sheets

Unlike a VIN explode, this is the real thing! Also our claim to fame, AutoiPacket is integrated with nearly EVERY vehicle manufacturer to provide you with unedited, OEM window stickers or build sheet for your inventory!

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AutoiPacket Insights & Heat Mapping

Game changer! See heat maps of individual customer’s engagement identifying each document that was clicked on and how much time was spent viewing the information. The perfect way to identify questions & objections!

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LIVE Customer View Alerts & Reporting

LIVE customer view alerts lets your sales team know, in real time, when customers are viewing vehicle packets and how often. Track your sales team activity within AutoiPacket using our dealer activity report.

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Price Change Alerts

Change prices often? Does your sales team relay the changes to your customers? Every time?  Your customer will automatically receive a Price Change Alert with an updated vehicle packet every time there is a price adjustment automatically. No sales person required!


On-site Training & Installation

We love our dealer partners! That is why we start every relationship with an on-site training and installation. Your AutoiPacket Regional Account Manager will be on-site to ensure a complete and thorough store training & activation.


Archived Packet Retrieval 

Every sold vehicle packet is archived and available if you need it. Reduce liability by having a record of the documentation disclosed on your sold vehicles, and a time stamp record of how customers interacted with the information.


Share Packets via Text Message

We live in a mobile world! Instantly share “mobile friendly” vehicle packets with potential clients via text message! 


CRM Autoresponder

Tired of swiveling your chair between systems? So are we! Give your sales staff the ability to send an AutoiPacket directly from your CRM system through custom e-mail templates. Ask about our CRM integrations!

“Gives you a better opportunity to sell more cars!”
“You truly can’t put a price on how easy AutoiPacket makes it easy to present a new or used vehicle to a client.”
“Our customers can make educated decisions based on good information.”
“Best tool I’ve used! Period.”
“Open alerts and knowing your customer’s interest level is key”
“A must-have tool if you’re an automotive sales consultant!”
“AutoiPacket is a fantastic tool for both the dealership and our clients.”
“AutoiPacket helps us build credibility and trust in our company and sales team.”
“Activity alerts let us know when clients are viewing packets. Easy to gauge interest.”
“AutoiPacket is a fantastic tool for both the dealership and our clients.”
“Easy for our sales team to use. Transparency verification helps limit customer lawsuits.”
“All the documentation on our inventory in one place. We love it!”
“The best platform for selling used cars!”
“Helps us generate information to our customers quickly.”
“Absolutely the best tool for sharing information with your clients.”

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